UA to GA4 Migration Project Overview

Executive Summary: As a professional marketing specialist, our goal is to help our client transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) while maintaining continuity in data collection, reporting, and insights. This migration project will involve setting up a new GA4 property, configuring relevant events and conversions, establishing a data-driven approach, and providing ongoing support to ensure project success.

Client Goals:

  1. Seamless migration from Universal Analytics to GA4 with minimal disruption to data collection and reporting.
  2. Improve data accuracy and relevance by configuring GA4’s event-based tracking capabilities.
  3. Leverage advanced GA4 features such as predictive analytics and audience targeting to optimize marketing efforts.
  4. Enhance understanding of user behavior and interactions on the website and app.
  5. Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

Details of Our Contribution:

  1. Setup and Configuration:
    • Create a new GA4 property alongside the existing Universal Analytics property to enable parallel tracking.
    • Configure data streams for the website and/or app, enabling cross-platform data collection.
    • Set up relevant events, conversions, and parameters in GA4 to match the client’s existing tracking setup and objectives.
    • Implement GA4 tracking code on the website and/or app, ensuring proper data collection.
  2. Data Integration:
    • Link GA4 property to Google Ads, Google Search Console, and other relevant platforms to ensure data continuity and integration.
    • Set up BigQuery integration for advanced data analysis and reporting.
  3. Reporting and Analysis:
    • Customize GA4 reports to match the client’s reporting needs and goals.
    • Train the client’s team on how to navigate and interpret GA4’s new reporting interface and metrics.
  4. Ongoing Support and Optimization:
    • Monitor data accuracy and completeness throughout the migration process.
    • Provide ongoing support to address any issues or concerns that arise during the transition.
    • Continuously optimize the GA4 setup to better align with the client’s goals and KPIs.

Overview of Project Success: To measure the success of the GA4 migration project, we will establish the following KPIs:

  1. Successful migration of all essential tracking elements from Universal Analytics to GA4, ensuring data continuity.
  2. Improved data accuracy and granularity, as evidenced by a more comprehensive understanding of user behavior and interactions on the website and app.
  3. Increase in data-driven decision-making, supported by advanced GA4 features such as predictive analytics, audience targeting, and funnel analysis.
  4. Enhanced team proficiency in navigating and interpreting GA4 reports, enabling more informed marketing decisions.
  5. Positive client feedback on the migration process and our ongoing support.
UA to GA4 Migration Project Overview

Throughout the project, we will maintain open communication with our client and provide regular updates on progress, challenges, and achievements.

UA to GA4 Migration Project Overview

We will also conduct post-migration evaluations to ensure that the client’s goals have been met and to identify any areas for further improvement. Our commitment to our client’s success goes beyond the migration project, as we aim to foster a long-term partnership focused on achieving their marketing objectives.

UA to GA4 Migration Project Overview